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Once upon a time in York, United Kingdom

Heart of Yorkshire

Legend - told by Philip Dainton

A lovely local legend of York is that of the Heart of Yorkshire, a window within the York Minster’s Great West Window.

It is impossible to miss the York Minster when you visit York, its majestic and spectacular site imposes on the city skyline and takes your breath away when the sun sets behind it. A large gothic cathedral with a grand tower, ornate carvings, exquisite craftmanship and a beautiful panoramic view from the top, its worth a visit for anyone planning a trip to York.

Worked into the triumphant Medieval tracery of the Great West Window is a heart-shape known as the Heart of Yorkshire. Couples flock to this window as legend has it if you share a kiss with your loved one underneath it, you will stay together forever.

Many couples have travelled far to participate in the tradition and it has become a very popular spot for proposals of marriage. The beautiful stain-glassed window has captured the heart of all romantics and gifted eternal love to all that wish to partake.  

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