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1825 in York, United Kingdom


Legend - told by David Foster

York is considered to be one of Europe’s most haunted cities, with ghosts appearing from Roman times through to more modern victims that have perished in the waters. There is a pub in York for every day of the year, and nearly all have their own ghost that frequent their establishments. Various ghost tours allure millions of tourists every year, buses, evening walks, theatrical and historical. The castles, surrounding parks and dungeons also harbour their own spirits and ghouls.  

One city ghost that has received legendary status is that of Mad Alice, located in what is now known as Lund’s Court, a narrow passage-way that supposedly harbours the spirit of an angry woman who was hanged for insanity after murdering her abusive husband. Alice Smith is said to have been executed by hanging at York Castle in 1825, however no documentation exists to support this.

A less well-known spirit that lurks in this long and narrow alleyway is a lady by the name of Kay. Kay was a woman who had two boyfriends and supposedly was strangled to death in the alley. They never found her body, but legend has it she haunts mirrors. Her apparition is supposed to appear bedraggled and wet, like she has been drowned, and people think she is trying to tell the living where her body ended up.

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