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Once upon a time in Glastonbury, United Kingdom

Magic of December Solstice

Legend - told by Lilliana Grbic

Title image by Historic England Archive

Many popular trends exist in the world of self-improvement. Many people strive to improve their situations, through goal-setting and hard work.

Self-improvement can start with awareness of ourselves and our behaviour, and the desire to improve and transform ourselves and our habits, but this process takes time and hard work. However, sometimes, daydreaming of a magic fix like a lottery win or using a magic spell to make your troubles go away can be rather alluring.

Perhaps you can try the winter magic of December solstice. Solstice happens at the same instance for everyone, everywhere on Earth – and this year the winter solstice occurs on Sunday December 22, at 04:19 GMT in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere has its longest day and shortest night on the day of the December solstice.

Traditionally one would collect three leaves of Holly during the longest night of the year. Holly is a symbol of beauty even in times of dormancy, defining generosity as your legacy and an image of energy of life as ever-present.
The idea is that you crush the leaves into a powder, write down one trait you wish to improve upon with red ink and sprinkle the Holly on top. Fold it carefully and burn it with the flame from a red candle. Now the desired quality is planted and will grow within.

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