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Once upon a time in London, United Kingdom

Speaker's Corner

Story - told by Philip Dainton

Often explosive with debate, discussion or heated arguments, Speaker’s Corner is a part of Hyde Park that gives the public a voice. People can be seen stood on top of soap-boxes expressing their opinions, teaching, preaching, discussing, informing. 

This vibrant and exciting place is a famous location for free speech and even notorious persons such as Winston Churchill have expressed their messages to the world. For centuries people have used this location to exercise their right to freedom of speech.

Situated at the north-eastern edge of Hyde Park, Speaker’s Corner was once close to Tyburn Tree, a frequently used execution spot for London and Middlesex. Many of the condemned men and women were permitted to make a final statement before experiencing a public and morbid end. Some chose to speak of politics, or religion, others pleaded their innocence.

It is the voices of these men and women that gave life to the tradition, and some say you can still hear and see them haunting the area to this day. The gallows were located near where Marble Arch stands today.  

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