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Once upon a time in York, United Kingdom

The graverobber

Legend - told by Lorna Davies

A local York legend tells the tale of a graverobber getting a terrible fright. A wealthy woman died and her family decided to bury her with a lot of her jewellery. The man knew of this and visited her vault after the funeral. However, when he got to her, her fingers had swollen and he couldn’t remove the rings off her fingers.

He tried to pull and press, but no luck. So he reached for his knife and severed her finger. The woman had suffered catalepsy, and when her finger was cut she came to and sat upright. The man rushed back, and ran out. The woman, managed to get out of her coffin and go home.

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874 / Reykjavík, Iceland


told by Rosalin Powers

Once upon a time / York, United Kingdom

The Key-keeper's daughter

told by Lorna Davies

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