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Once upon a time in York, United Kingdom

The Key-keeper's daughter

Legend - told by Lorna Davies

York is a magical and historical city filled with interesting facts and spectacular sights. The Minster is the most dramatic and prominent part of York’s skyline, the city walls are the longest intact still remaining in England today, and you can walk nearly three miles of them. For the architectural enthusiasts you will find extraordinary well-preserved examples ranging from various times.

Shoppers will adore the mix of boutiques and larger retailers, history buffs will relish in the multitude of attractions ranging from Roman baths, to Viking remains, and exemplary preservation of the middle ages.

Ghost enthusiasts love York, and many perceive it to be Europe’s most haunted city, some report over 500 spirits living within the city walls alone. This area of York has had its fair share of ghouls, including Mad Alice and Roman soldiers that march through the streets. Another is a woman described as having a mad laugh and a pale face, and a lost boy is said to roam the streets looking to find his way home, aged maybe ten or eleven.

One rather famous spirit that has been reported being seen by many throughout the years is that of Sarah Brocklebank, the daughter of the key-keeper to Stonegate. Her father John was very proud of his job, and took his position very seriously. The legend goes that John trusted his cheerful daughter Sarah with the keys one day, but she lost them. John couldn’t forgive her, and they never spoke again. It is said that one day, Sarah remembered what she had done with the keys, and ran along to tell everyone, only her heart stopped and she never got the chance. Now Sarah is said to be seen often, with a big grin on her face running up and down the street.

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Once upon a time / York, United Kingdom

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told by Lorna Davies

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