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XV in West Tanfield, United Kingdom

The Marmian Tower

Story - told by Philip Dainton

On the banks of the River Ure, in West Tanfield, sits a reminder of a long-forgotten manor house. A monolithic stone structure that has long since retired from its intended purpose.

This 15th Century gatehouse is an outstanding and unique relic of North Yorkshire prosperous history.

Named the Marmian Tower after the owners of the manor house, located to the west of the gatehouse. the Marmian Tower was a mere afterthought, becoming an addition to the estate after almost 200 years of the manor house being established. Sadly, today the manor house only exists in the pages of history, immortalised forever in the Doomsday Book written in 1086.

The tower itself is surrounded by the quaint village of West Tanfield. When first approaching the village from the city of Ripon in the North, you are greeted by the Marmian tower directly to your left as you cross the bridge over the river Ure. Although the tower is now only a reminder of West Tanfield’s past, it still stands today with a demeanour of protection and authority, towering over the more recent residential buildings. The tower is free of charge to visitors with an optional donation box provided at the entrance.

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