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2013 in Tambon Khao Thong, Thailand

The story of an unknown catch

Story - told by Vladan Dobrenov

I do not know if you have ever had the opportunity to be a witness to an event that is full of reversal, anticipation, beauty, effort and unreality, and at no time you do not think about what the outcome will be.

I have had the opportunity to enjoy the life images that I will share with you; I appreciated the efforts of that boy who was over and over again throws the net at the moment when the Sun was dusk till down over the Krabi shore.  

When I created those images at Ao Nang in my mind was just one thing, oh what a beauty, what a beautiful moment, what kind of life prize I attend. I'm grateful. And at no single moment, I did not ask myself what this guy was hunting in the shallow waters during the tide.

The beautiful moments at Krabi. 

That will be mystery for me to this moment when I write this story. If someone knows about what boy was trying to catch, please share with me :) 

The Sun goes down and enjoying the sound of my camera's fine-tinting.

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