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Tell a Story

All throughout human existence, the telling of stories has allowed us to adapt and evolve to our environments. Every culture has its own stories, which are shared as a means to entertain, educate, warn, advice or instil moral values. The written word has a timeless presence, and the power to influence generations to come. Share your stories, or learn from others as you explore the world of Tell a Story.

We at Tell a Story are passionate about bringing to you stories, legends, fairy tales or eminent recipes retold according to your memoir. The purpose of our existence is to provide a platform for a free-flowing exchange of your stories and memories of stories you cherish. We hope that our portal will bring your stories the limelight they deserve.

The Tell a Story Team works from around the globe and we are passionate in our mission to bring you stories from all over the world. Together with you, we are the best storytellers worldwide. Featuring stories only in English for now, new releases will introduce additional languages.

Tell a story


Tell a Story. Recipes, history, photos, folklore and legends- travel the globe through stories shared.

We hope you join our mission to share stories, history and culture from around the world. Tell your part of the story and join the community today.

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Support our work

TellAStory is created with the purpose to share, entertain, educate and inform.
Your contributions as an individual collectively help to create a connection all around the world. Your stories and experiences have the ability to evoke emotion, teach a valuable lesson or just simply make somebody smile.

By making a donation, no matter the size, you would help to create a global legacy of human history.

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