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Get inspired by our storytellers and become a member of the growing Tell a Story community. Search the platform by content type or author name.

Here at Tell a Story, we nurture unique content. When the stories, anecdotes and legends come to life around you, there are neither streets nor woods that look empty and unfamiliar to you. Behind every corner, on every step, there is a new story waiting for you. Browse stories by continent, country, or date using our Story Map or Timeline.


Get inspired

If you don’t know where to start, read some unique and extraordinary stories told by other authors. What do other Tell a Story community members write about? Love.

Literature. Etymology. Customs. Rituals. Off-trail trips. Their favourite dish. Learn about some social practices, rituals, festive events, or other parts of their culture. Find out more about rare natural phenomena or unsurpassed architectural features of some grandiose edifice and its origin. Here you can also find the stories about their loyal furry companion, the disease they were dealing with, or how people spent time under lockdown.

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