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How to start?

People prefer stories that cannot be found in official travel guides. You can share your special cooking method with all the ingredients and steps included or an old recipe from your homeland that you want to save from oblivion.

Tell us a legend about that remote shady street that hides a secret that passers-by do not know about. Transpose a feel you have at your favourite place by the river into the words. Guide us through your mountain trail into the woods, or to the secluded beach that you had discovered by accident. Take us for a hedonistic journey through the gastronomic delicacies and wine routes of your region. Be a biographer of a famous person in your town with an anecdote that few people have heard of.

Write down a tale of forgotten places that no longer exist except in the stories – let the people know about the toponyms that had physically disappeared.

Tell Stories, Educate the Masses, or Share Thoughts with Friends

Your use of this platform does not have to have an artistic or literary purpose at all – it’s an easy way to collect information for your trip, exchange recipes, and recommendations, organize a family or a business event, and put it on your Map. Upload your content anytime and anywhere.

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