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Once upon a time in Canada

Crow brings daylight - an Inuit legend

Legend - told by Lilliana Grbic

A long time ago when the world was first born, there was only darkness in the north where the Inuit people lived. An old crow came to the people and told them he had seen lights on his travels to the distant lands. The more people heard about the light the more they the more they longed to see it.

The people begged the crow to go and bring them daylight, but he didn't want to. "It's a long way and I'm too old to fly that far," he said. But the people begged until he finally agreed to go. He launched into the dark sky and flew east until his wings barely held him aloft. Finally, he saw a streak of light and gained new energy.

In order to rest, the crow turned himself into a mote of dust and settled in with family. They had a box full of daylight in the form of balls. Crow tricked one of the children to get outdoors and play with the ball. Then a speck of dust turned back into Crow again. He put out his claws, grasped the string on the ball of daylight and flew into the sky, heading west, back home

When he finally got home, he dropped the ball of light on the ground. It shuttered into thousand pieces and light streamed into every home. But the ball was strong enough only to luminate half of the year. The rest of the time it was dark. Out of the gratitude people promised never to harm crows since they can take back the light.

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