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Once upon a time in United Kingdom

Galloway Mermaid

Legend - told by Victoria Dainton

The freshwater mermaid of Galloway lived in a beautiful body of water and was well known to the locals. Every evening, as the horizon turned gold and before night would fall, the mermaid would perch on a rock shaped like a seat. There she would kindly greet her gathering of followers and provide them with medical advice. One of the women that lived in the village believed her work to be that of the devil, and did not condone.

One evening, the woman decided something had to be done. After all, there were children in the village and it was not safe. After the crowd had dispersed for the evening, she snuck down to the pond, and pushed the mermaid’s seat into the dark water. With a heavy splash the seat sunk, and the woman hurried home.

The following evening, as the sun set on the beautiful valleys, the mermaid appeared to find her seat no longer there. She swam back and forth in a frantic rage and cried out in anger to the woman that stole her seat. The once beautiful pond felt cold and bubbles erupted from it like a witch’s cauldron. The mermaid cursed the woman as the skies turned dark, promising her that because she took her seat, she in turn would take something that belonged to the woman. The following day, the woman’s child was found dead and the locals were outraged. They filled the pond with gravel and dirt, and tried to forget about what had happened.

The mermaid was never seen again.

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