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1796 in Stockholm, Sweden

Haunted Mansion

Story - told by Philip Dainton

The most haunted location in Stockholm is believed to be Spökslottet, or sometimes referred to as the Haunted Mansion.

Hans Peter Scheffler, a merchant, built the manor house in 1690, but ghost stories about this location have been documented since the 18th century.

People have reported music and singing coming from the house when it was unoccupied and both windows and mirrors have smashed with no apparent explanation.

Many have pointed to a former owner known as Jacob Von Bathazar Knigge for the strange happenings. Described as a cruel and evil devil worshiper, Jacob mysteriously disappeared in 1796. Witnesses claimed that he had left with the devil himself in a black carriage, driven by a coachman with horns and a tail, and that the horses had left impossibly fast from the scene.

The mansion's history is riddled with deaths. An opera singer supposedly committed suicide in his rented room in the building in 1879, in 1907 human remains were found in the gardens but many suspect more bodies are waiting to be discovered. Another tale speaks of a married couple who were murdered and bricked up behind a basement wall.

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