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1730 in London, United Kingdom

Hyde Park

Fairy Tale - told by Philip Dainton

Hyde Park is a marvellous and well-designed park in the heart of London filled with magic all year round. There are over 4000 types of trees, and over 100 types of roses in the Rose Garden. Kensington Palace is a remarkable museum focusing on Queen Victoria with enchanting gardens surrounding it.

The Serpentine attracts a lot of songbirds including dunnocks, robins and long-tailed tits. Squirrels and brightly coloured parakeets flock around you. Queen Caroline had the Serpentine built as a boating lake in 1730 and started a trend amongst Britain with artificial lakes. In wintertime, it was used as a skating rink.

The park has a variety of exquisite fauna, wildlife and flora to offer and in winter the park becomes even more magical. Winter Wonderland lights up the dark winter skies, and the smell of hot foods and mulled wine draws you in closer. Rides and attractions, bright lights, souvenirs and smiling faces take over the heart of Hyde Park. The Christmas market is wonderful, and fun can be had for all ages.

Speaker’s Corner is often explosive with debate and a place notorious for free speech. Here you can find people on soapboxes expressing their messages to the world, and not far from there is the site of where Tyburn Tree once stood. Currently sits Marble Arch, but once held a gallows so large it could hang 24 people at the same time.

There are a variety of beautiful statues and pieces of art to discover around Hyde Park. You can also take a stroll down Rotten Row or perhaps enjoy a horse ride. Although closed from the public, Hyde Park also homes a pet cemetery where more than 300 pets remain today. The first pet, was a terrier named Cherry, the owners knew the groundskeeper who helped them bury Cherry which sparked a trend.

It’s very easy to get to Hyde Park, and even easier to lose a full day exploring the vast grounds. Nearby tubes include Queensway, Lancaster Gate, Notting Hill Gate, Paddington, etc. 

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