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Once upon a time in Iceland


Legend - told by Victoria Dainton

One of the most breathtaking sites of Iceland, Kerid is a volcanic crater lake with turquoise waters and fierce red volcanic rock.

Located in the Grimsnes area, Kerid is one of several crater lakes in the area. Approximately 55 metres deep and 170 metres wide, the volcanic crater is 3000 years old. Once a cone shaped volcano, upon eruption the volcano depleted its magma reserve causing the foundation to collapse on itself.

Later, it would fill with water, causing the aquamarine splendour that you see today.

You can enjoy the crater lake from the top, or the bottom, wherever you witness this unearthly spectacle you will not be disappointed. The steep slopes of the crater are covered in unusual fiery red volcanic rock, except for one less steep side that is blanketed with rich green moss.

When water levels rise in Kerid, they drop in the well of Búrfells at Grímsnes, illuminating a subterranean tunnel unseen from above ground. Legend has it that a shape-shifting water creature, Nykur- or Nennir, spends his time visiting the two locations. Not often does he shape-shift into human form, but will usually appear as a horse or a cow. It is rumoured that if you mount the horse, Nykur will take you away forever, unless you say his name, for then he must return from where he came.

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