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1310 in Ripley, United Kingdom

Thomas Ingleby - Ripley Castle

Story - told by Victoria Dainton

Thomas Ingleby was born in 1310 into a life of luxury at the stunning Ripley Castle and its surrounding grounds. His father, Sir Thomas, did very well for himself and was appointed as an Advocate at the king’s court in 1347. Thomas went on to follow his father’s footsteps into the royal court after marrying Katherine Mauleverer, a descendent from Aelfwine, who happened to be one of the largest landowners in the North of England.

One day, in 1357, Thomas was invited to join Edward III on a hunting trip in the royal hunting forest of Knaresborough. He mounted his horse and joined the party as they travelled through the thick forest in search of the wild boar. It was the king that found the mighty beast in the woodlands and used his spear to wound the boar.

The wild beast squealed with anger and charged at the king’s horse, throwing the king to the ground.

Thomas was quick to act, and went for the boar, saving the crowned head’s life. The king was so grateful for Thomas’ heroic actions, he knighted him right then and there. As a gesture of gratitude, he was granted the boar’s head as an emblem for his family crest. To this day, the Ingleby’s family crest boasts a proud boar’s head looking upright, like a wolf howling at the moon. Thomas was also granted the right to hold a weekly market as well as an annual horse fair in Ripley.  
The Ingleby family have claimed ownership of Ripley Castle for over 700 years, and today you can enjoy the magnificent grounds or enjoy a guided tour of the castle. 

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