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1989 in Spain

UFO Tenerife

Story - told by Philip Dainton

Tenerife is said to be one of the best places in the world for UFO sightings due to the powerful magnetic field generated by Mount Teide.

There have been thousands of sightings reported in the areas from both civilians and military throughout the island. 40,000 people gathered in the National Park in June 1989 in an attempt to make some form of alien contact.

In June 1976, several hundred people testified that they had witnessed a UFO sighting, it lasted for over 40 minutes and had also been observed in La Gomera, Gran Canaria, La Palma as well as a ship at sea.

The first reported sighting came from a Spanish naval vessel, and consisted of a yellow light that gave off no radar signal, then gradually changed into a rotating beam. This was witnessed by the entire crew, as the unidentified light source split into two, followed by land sightings minutes later.

Several witnesses reported seeing a glowing blue sphere hovering close, one witness even claimed he saw two occupants.

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