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627 in York, United Kingdom

York Minster

Story - told by Philip Dainton

One of the most extraordinary buildings in Europe must be the York Minster, a magnificent cathedral that dominates York’s skyline with its dramatic stone façade and grand tower.

The central site has always had significance within the community’s that have shaped York’s history. Remains of the Basilica have been found beneath, and the first Christian church dated to 627. A Saxon church followed, then a Norman cathedral. The current majestic cathedral was built over 250 years, starting in 1220.

The Minster’s central tower is an incredible feat of engineering dating back to the early 1400s, over 230 feet high, it is the height of a 21-story building. You can climb up the 275 steps and enjoy the fantastic views of the city and surrounding countryside from the highest point in York.

The stained-glass windows in the Minster are breath-taking and dramatic pieces of art. Each window has its own story to tell, some depicting historical scenes, others biblical. Explore the history and incredible architecture for yourself, or discover more stories about the Minster on TellAStory. 

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